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All women will be at the school at 6:30 Wednesday morning for the last yoga session of the year! I would like for as many of you to attend as possible, and would ask that you please be sure to thank Jenna and Sarah at the end of the practice. These classes have made a big difference in your flexibility—I have already seen dramatic improvements on the water, and in your testing.

Also, please make sure you take care of your fees on RegattaCentral.com as well as getting yourself registered with Rowing Canada. There seems to be some hiccups to the process, so please don’t leave it until the last minute to take care of this. Fees must be paid before rowers will be allowed on the water. If you pay on Thursday or after, please bring a copy of proof you have paid if you are scheduled on Saturday morning—there is a good chance the club’s printout will not have been updated between Friday & Saturday—we don’t want to be held back Saturday!

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We are going to try to row on Monday–forecast is better than anticipated. Unless otherwise noted, expect to row all week in this configuration. Please bring clothing that works for EITHER a row, a run or an erg.
5:10AM:  Men’s 4x with Mike
WITH TOM: 8+ (cox: Meaghan, (S)Erin, (7)Vic, (6)Lauren, (5)Kat, (4)Meegan, (3)Becca, (2)Sadie, (B)Sarah)
All others with Pete at the school at 6:30

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There will be no row for the senior club members on Saturday.  While we might go out after April 1 in similar conditions, we don’t want to go when we’re the only ones out there.  Please go for a 45 minute run instead.  Next week, Monday’s forecast doesn’t look good, but Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday look awesome!  Expect that we will take the eight out all three of those days.  Friday is likely a no-row. We will let you know as the forecasts become more precise.  All those who are not club members from last year are at the school for the final official week of winter training.

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Here is the schedule for the Fortino’s Fundraiser on Saturday, April 15th, which is the Saturday of Easter weekend.  I have enlisted the help of a few Westdale Rowing Alumni to help us out, so it should be a busy, fun and hopefully successful fundraiser for us!

You will be helping to bag groceries, as well as spending a bit of time on the erg.  We will rotate everybody thru the erg during your shift–it works out to something like 15 minutes per person on the erg.  The key for this is to look FOCUSED and TECHNICALLY SOLID, WITHOUT SWEATING!!!!  Nobody wants a sweaty athlete just coming off the erg to be handling their groceries!!!!!!!!!!

There are three shifts below.  I will add in our alumni as soon as I get confirmation.  Three can’t make it, but are busy creating our collection buckets!!

10AM-12:45PM:  Serena, Sequoia, Charlotte, Fiora, Ciara, Ethan, Alex, Lauren, Vic, Kenzie

12:45PM-3:30PM:  Kat, Susan, Meegan, Maura, Maddy, Gillian, Shayda, Molly, Zaiga, Kate M, Julia

3:30PM-6PM:  Meaghan, Becca, Erik, Lucas, Harrison, Kieran, Sadie, Ben, Dania, Ella, Meegan (doing double duty, but possibly may not have to–TBA)