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Leander Indoor Results!

Tremendous effort yesterday.  There were a number of personal bests set and that was good to see.  We should be very happy with the outcome.

Our training is proving to be effective but there is room for improvement.  The challenge is that improvement is logistical.  I’m looking to see if we can train 5 days per week and that extra time will help.  Also the coaches are going to add an element of theory into our training.  My discussions with a number of you show the need to describe what our training is attempting to achieve, why we are  performing certain exercises, and how to assess our efforts. This will help us train more effectively.

The goal is to get on the water in racing shape.

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Leander Indoors Logistics

Weigh In Procedure

  • The weigh-ins will be held in room 111 and open at 7:30 am
  • The weigh-ins are multi-step
  • Athletes can weigh in up until 30 minutes before their scheduled race time
  • Athletes that do not make weight will have their results shifted to the next weight class 

Race Procedures

You need to register when you first arrive. This is not a difficult procedure and you just need to present yourself at the registration desk. You’ll be given a slip of paper that has your details on it. Don’t lose this.

Once you’ve registered you should proceed to weigh ins. Only if you are in a lightweight event. Open weight events do not require weigh ins.

You want to warm up starting about 30 minutes prior to your race. Warm muscles are important. Try to start off lightly and get warm then do some sprint work.

You will be called to your race by an announcement. Proceed to your erg and this will be on your slip of paper. Sit down and make the necessary adjustments to your footboards. only make adjustments to drag factor and other items with the race coordinator.

Race away based on my talk this morning.

When you are finished your race, stay on your erg until all of your fellow competitors are done. Do not jump up and high five your friends. Show some sportsmanship and stay until the last stroke……

Be aware that multiple race classes are sometimes combined. So you may have competitors beside you on ergs that are outside of your r event.

The screen on your erg will show you the same times and splits as you are used to plus it will also show you what position you are in. Number 1 meaning you leading.

See me if you have any questions.

Race Times

Here are the race times.

9:00 am

Some old guy in the Masters 50+

10 am Jr u17 Men


10 15 am Jr u17 women


10:30 am jr u17 150 men heat 1


10:45 jr u17 150 men heat 2



10:45 jr u17 165 men


11:30 am jr u17 135 women heat 3


11:30 am jr u17 145 women


12:00 Sr u19 165 men




12:15 pm sr u19 135 women heat 1



12:30 pm sr u19 women heat 2



12:30 pm sr u19 145 women



1:00pm Sr u19 men




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Leander Indoor Entries!!! Get them in!?#

We only have a very small set of entries and are currently at only 7 athletes entered. We should be at least double that.

I encourage you to get out and race. This is a perfect opportunity to compete in your home town. The more racing you get under you belt the better off you are. Testing your limits gives you the ability to evaluate and improve your training. There is also the opportunity to bond with your crew mates.

Please get your entries in. Deadline is tomorrow.

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Leander Indoor Regatta Details and Deadlines

The deadline for entering the Leander Indoor is Tuesday, January 7th. The regatta is on Saturday, January 11th. Everyone is encouraged to race.

Entries need to be made at:


Enter as Westdale.

Guidelines for what race to enter.

If you are under the age of 17 this means you are a Junior U17

If you are under the age of 19 this means you are a Senior U19.

One item to note, if you turn 17 in 2020 the you are not under 17. You are a U19.

For the women you have three weight categories.

Under 135, under 145 and heavyweight.

Therefore, determine your age category and your weight category.

Enter one of Jr 135, Jr 145, Jr Hvy, Sr 135, Sr 145, Sr Hvy.

For the men you have three weight categories.

Under 150, under 165, and Heavyweight.

Enter one of Jr 150,Jr 165, Jr Hvy, Sr 150, Sr 165, Sr Hvy

Any problems please send an email to headcoach@westdalerowing.com , please do not comment through the comment section of the blog. Direct email.