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Tracking Your Progress

I’ve been strongly encouraging all of you to take ownership of your training and keep track of the kilometres that you are pulling.

To aid in this I am fostering a friendly competition that will start now and proceed through to CSSRA. I’m asking each of you track your kilometres through the logging available through Concept2.

To do this create an account on Concept2. Step by step instructions.


Enter in your details. If you have privacy concerns you can anonymize your name and use an alias. Please be nice and not create any outrageous obscene names.

Once you have created your account, affiliate yourself with Westdale Secondary School Rowing 2019/2020.

Start to record your meters.

Talk to Coach Mike if you have problems.


Parents! Please Read

I’d like to create a tighter and more efficient means of communicating with the parents. The blog is a great means of broadcasting content to the Westdale rowing community but it does not allow for dynamic communication. I’m most interested in being able to directly connect at a better level with the parents.

To help achieve this goal I’ve created a Facebook group Westdale Rowing Parents 2019/2020. There may some resistance to Facebook usage but it has accessibility that is better than the alternatives.

This group is only for parents. No students can join.

The group will allow me to get information out to the parents, get feedback and promote conversation amongst the parent community. It will also allow me put out cries of help such as fund raising activities and regatta planning. I will be crying 😂

To join I need you to send me an email (headcoach@westdalerowing.com) which I’ll use to send back an invite to the group. Please include your child’s name in the email so I can track who has joined.

Coach Mike


Important Items

Big Reminder!!!

We are training Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 7 am in the middle gym. There is no training on Wednesday.

As mentioned, students registered as Leander Club athletes are strongly encouraged to attend the Tuesday and Thursday 4 to 6 pm training sessions at Leander. These are open for Leander registered junior and bantam members.

There are also going to be other Leander training sessions offered but the Tuesday/Thursday sessions will have your familiar coaches.

I need everyone to ensure that they complete the white permission forms as soon as possible. These are needed to be able to train. If you need a form then seek out Mr. Geoff Merritt who is our primary teacher rep.

Also I’ll be collecting the indoor rowing fee of $80 starting next week. This fee covers a number of incidental costs including erg repairs and some indoor regatta fees.

Tomorrow and through into next week I’ll start to collect names to build out the roster of indoor athletes. This will allow me to learn new names plus I’ll so collect birthdates which I need to figure out where you race.

Also start finding coxie sized students. We’ll need some of these.

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Westdale 2019/2020 Indoor Rowing Season

I’ve been fielding a large number of emails from parents and athletes as to the status of the 2019/2020 indoor season. I can finally provide an update to all as I received confirmation on details yesterday.

We have secured teacher reps for the indoor season and can officially start training. There are 4 teacher reps with each handling one day per week. This does mean that there is at this time one day per week where we will not be training at the school.

The training plan that I am putting together has provisions for optional practices at LBC for those athletes that are also registered as LBC U19 members. This plan should give ample opportunity for all athletes to improve their performance.

We also have a roster of assistant coaches that will be part of the program. For the indoor season I have had confirmation that they will be able to help in some capacity. Please note that some of these coaches may handle afternoon sessions at LBC and not at the school. Disclaimer: LBC sessions are open to LBC registered club athletes and are not official Westdale training sessions.

There are also a set of former students that have expressed interest in coaching during the outdoor season. I’ll wait until we get to that season.

The current planned starting date is Tuesday, November 12th. This is roughly two weeks out but that time is needed to coordinate a whole set of other details.

Also it is important that all communications between coaches and athletes be conducted through formal channels. I’ll share details on the mechanisms of doing that in the next few days and the reasons why but for the current time ensure that all emails are done through:


Looking forward to the upcoming season. The team has undergone a number of leadership changes but if we support each other we’ll succeed.

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Updates on The Leander March Break Training Camp

I have some updates on the Leander March Break training camp. As mentioned before this is a Leander Boat Club sponsored activity and it is not being done through Westdale. Once again this is through Leander Boat Club.

There is a lot of text here and I dropped the fancy graphics.

The sign up sheet is here, but read through all the details that are below. The club would like to know commitment by October 10th.


What is included?

– Athletes transportation by bus

– Accommodations

– Three meals per day

– Three training sessions per day

– Boats transportation from Leander

Training Facility: Vero Beach Rowing Club, Florida

You can find all you need to know about the club at


Leander Rowing Club is organizing March Break rowing training camp for spring 2020


March 13th, 2020 – March 22nd, 2020


Vero Beach, Florida


Estimated cost per athlete is $1,300 – $1,600

Final number will depend on number of athletes going, exchange rate, and success of our fundraising efforts

Who is invited?

Every high school athlete interested to improve his/her rowing skills and get a great start of 2020 on water season


Leander Boat Club of Hamilton

Athletes will be staying at Jackie Robinson Training Complex in Vero Beach.

Turn this into a family vacation:

Jackie Robinson Training Complex offers a lot for the whole family

– 89 hotel villa rooms

– 2 poolside cabana rooms – POPULAR!

– Full service dining room Complimentary hot breakfast,

cafeteria style

– Competition-size swimming pool

– Lighted basketball courts

– Lighted tennis courts

– Sand volleyball court

– Shuffleboard court

– Fields for tossing footballs and Frisbees

– Paths for walking and jogging

– Relax by the pool or under a shade tree

You can find more information at:


Family members can vacation at Jackie Robinson at following prices:

The all-inclusive package costs are as follows: (prices are per person per night)


Lodging/3 Meals Lodging/Breakfast, Lunch

Lodging/Breakfast, Dinner

Quad Occupancy $79.75 per night $71.75 per night $74.75 per night

Triple Occupancy $95.50 per night $87.50 per night $90.50 per night

Double Occupancy $117.00 per night $109.00 per night $112.00 per night

Single Occupancy $191.50 per night $183.50 per night $186.50 per night

Interested or still have some questions?

Please, contact Jake Thomasen – Rowing Head Coach at leander.rowingcoach@gmail.com

before October 10th, 2020