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Here is a list of what needs to be done daily in order to ensure a smooth launch. The eventual goal by the end of week 2 on the water, is to have all crews launched off the dock by 5:30AM. That means showing up on time at 5:10am, getting the tasks contained herein done quickly, and getting your boat on the water.

One other thing to note: information contained in these documents will be part of the written test following the safety video.LIST OF DAILY TASKS

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The spring parents meeting will now be held on TUESDAY, MARCH 19TH AT 7PM IN THE SCHOOL CAFETERIA. This meeting is very important for novice parents, as we outline the outdoor season and present the budget. I will post the budget here on the blog and would encourage all parents to print it off and bring it to the meeting.

The MANDATORY club safety meeting will be held on SUNDAY, APRIL 7TH at 10am. You won’t be allowed on the water if you aren’t there. I don’t have any information on how long it will be. Note the Docks are still scheduled to go in the day before, on the 6th….although I suspect if we get some crazy warm weather, this date may change. As always, stay tuned!

Finally, we are a little over a month away from Chile Cookoff. Sheri Henderson has stepped forward to organize it again and will be looking for a lot of help from parents. If interested, please let me know. I can tell you that the organizers had a blast last year and it’s a great way to immerse yourselves in the team!! Tickets will be available soon after the break. Here’s how it works: Each rower’s family will be responsible for buying 5 tickets to the Chili Cookoff (it was 6 tickets last year, but with more rowers, we dropped the requirement by one). We sell you the tickets for $15 each ($75 total-cash, or cheque made out to Westdale Rowing). You then keep whatever you need for yourselves, and/or sell the tickets to friends/family/co-workers for $20 each. If you need more, it works on the same principal, buying iffnus for $15 each.

Questions? As always, ask away!

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Rowing Canada and Regatta Central are now open for registration. Rowing Canada is free. Here’s how to do that one:

1. Go to membership.rowingcanada.org
2. Novices will need to create a new account, which is on the right side of the page.
3. Returning rowers and novices who have created an account, can log in.
4. After log in, click on Register/Join a program. The club you will be joining is Leander Boat Club.

Next, you will need to join Leander through Regatta Central. This one will cost $260. Here’s how to do that one:

1. Go to Regattacentral.com
2. Click Clubs on the top bar.
3. Scroll down to Leander Boat Club
4. Click Programs and Classes
5. Scroll down to High School Season and click register, where you will be guided from there.
**IMPORTANT NOTES FROM ANDREA AT LEANDER*** A few things to keep in mind:
The name on Rowing Canada must match the name on Regatta Central (I have to manually approve people and if I do not see their name on Regatta Central I won’t know its them)
The email you use to register will be the one that gets the Leander notifications.

Both of these registrations MUST be done and MUST be verified by the club before you will be allowed to row. No exceptions.

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Congrats on making it to March Break! For those who are local over the break, we’ll be running LEANDER practices at the boathouse Monday to Friday at 9am. Novices will get a LOT of practice in the tank—they will find this helpful once we hit the water, whenever that might be! If you are not local over the break, please find the time to try to maintain your fitness as best as possible.

After our meeting on Friday night at Leander, I can release a few bits of news. Leander registration should be up and running in the next couple of days. FYI, fees for the high school season will not change this year. They will be &260. Rowing Canada registration is free. Instructions on how to do both will be forthcoming soon. As in the case with all rowing websites, seemingly….nothing is easy and both are problematic. So don’t wait until the last minute.
April 6th is the day the club is targeting for the docks to be put in, given the ice conditions. (FYI, some guy drove a pickup truck out into the middle of the bay, so the ice is REALLY thick!) ALL ROWERS MUST BE PRESENT FOR A GOOD PART OF THE DAY! The docks will go in in the morning, and in the afternoon, there will be a MANDATORY WORKSHOP FOR ALL ROWERS. If you do not attend this workshop, you won’t be allowed on the water.

New this year will be a daily evening run for the first three weeks we’re on the water, unless you’re in a boat that actually did a workout. Teaching the novices how to row is mentally demanding, but not physically…and we risk losing up to three weeks of fitness in a critically short on-water season. So you will need to go out for a 40-minute run if you’re a novice or in a boat that has novices in it.
Also new this year, the Saturday morning practices will start at 7AM and run til 10AM. Experienced rowers can expect a long distance row of about 20km.

Given the late start date, we may hold the novices out of the Bennett Regatta in Buffalo on May 5. This has not been decided yet, but I’ll make the decision by April 25th at the latest. If we get on the water a lot and have good practices, the chances are good that we’ll attend. For experienced rowers, the only issue would be ice in the Niagara River. If it’s still chock-a-block when we go to do the entries, chances are we’ll pass on the regatta.

So we still have a ways to go before we’re on the H2O, but the weather is getting better, so be ready to start back on the 6:30am schedule–we should be able to get outside again right after March Break. Watch the blog!