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If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times: the best recruiters for our sport and our team, are the rowers themselves. You guys were terrific today. There was a LOT of interest in joining our team. There was a HUGE gathering around the rowing table all morning. Congratulations on a job very well done! See y’all on October 24th for the pre-season meeting, and then on Hallowe’en morning!!!

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Woohooooo! I managed to put a slideshow together! I will also do up a one page info sheet for potential rowers to take away, but anything that any of you can add to our table will help greatly! Our greatest marketing and PR (Public Relations) assets are our rowers, so the goal tomorrow is to sell our sport to all the potential novices out there!

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As far as I know, the club fair is still on for Thursday (Sept 20)—I haven’t heard a confirmation or a denial from the school! We’d love to have at least 10 of you there–I believe it’s after the Terry Fox run and during the grade 9 lunch period–the rowers would know better than I, as you guys are at the school. And please let me know what time the grade 9 lunch period is!!!

Second question: Does anybody have the Westdale rowing banner? I went to retrieve it from the place I thought it was….and it isn’t there. I’m hoping one of the parents might have it from CSSRA? It’s not an emergency if it’s lost—I was going to replace it this year anyway, as it IS getting a little worn! Please let me know if you have it, or if you know where it is.

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To all returning rowers. First, hi! Hope y’all had a GREAT summer and that the transition back to the routine of school hasn’t been too traumatic!
The Club Fair is taking place on Thursday, September 20 after the Terry Fox Walk during the grade 9 lunch, in the Lower Gym. It would be great if we can have as many of you as possible there to make Westdale Rowing look as awesome as possible! I wasn’t there last year, so I’m not exactly sure what’s required, but I’m assuming a desk with some pictures and posters? I’ll talk to Pete and see if we can get a video going. As for the start of the season, the parents pre-season meeting will be on Wednesday, October 24th (Time TBA), and winter training will start one week later, on Halloween.

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What a banner day yesterday for our athletes! Numerous PBs on their 2K tests, many by over 20 seconds!! And those who didn’t set one didn’t miss by much! I’ll send a detailed report in the next couple of days, but wanted to congratulate all of you for reaching those numbers. It’s a good feeling, a GREAT way to end the season, and a fantastic springboard to next year. Well done!!

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Our first two post season erg tests were done at Leander this morning and……WOW! Fiora, whose previous PB was 8:06.2, pulled a 7:53.3!!!!

And Sequoia, who previously clocked in at 8:01.1, pulled a fantastic 7:50.9!!!

Pete will be at Leander at 4pm this afternoon for any others who wish to see where they stand after the on-water season!! Well done, Fiora and a Sequoia!!

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1. Pete will oversee the end-of-season 2K erg tests on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 at 4PM at Leander for those who wish to see where they truly stand after the on-water season. I will be out of town, but will be checking in with him to see how they go! Note that most of these tests show a major improvement and it’s in your best interests to pull one. Not mandatory, but HIGHLY recommended!

2. I had an e-mail from the school today about athletic awards and the banquet. From my understanding, in order to attend the athletic banquet on June 14th, you will have to have paid a $20 fee to the school? And also apparently, some of you have paid this fee but your names aren’t on the list? If you have paid it, please contact Pete and he will get hold of the athletic department.

3. In tidying up my stuff today, I found an envelope with money and “Coach Tom” written in pink marker on the front….and no indication who it was from. I assume it was for the Bennett Regatta, but I will post a picture of the envelope in the coming days—please ID yourself if it’s your writing.