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Looks like our next opportunity to get outside will not be until FRIDAY. I will update closer to that day.

This week’s Theme Thursday is “TWIN DAY”! Pick a partner and come to practice dressed the same!

Winter/Yoga $50 fee is now due! Cash is fine, or cheques can be made out to Westdale Rowing.

The next three week block of training is below. Keep it up. Believe it or not, this is the last full three week block of training without a disruption, until Cycle 6 (February 12-March 4).

Some of you have asked about testing. We’re doing something a bit different this year. We’re eliminating one round of testing–the round that we usually did around this time. Also, novices won’t do 2500 metre tests this year–they will do 2Ks. This round of testing will take place during the last week of school before the holidays. Experienced rowers will do a 6K, 2K, Run test, Strength test, and Flexibility test. Novices will do a 2K, Run test, Strength test and flexibility test.

Westdale Training Program CYCLE 2 Nov 19-Dec 9

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We will be indoors both mornings. Experienced rowers will erg Thursday, with novices doing stairs and House of Victory. The reverse will happen on Friday–novices erg, experienced stairs and HoV. I’m confident that our novices will be far enough along in their technique by next week to do a team session safely on Friday. The program for the next three week cycle will be out sometime in the next few days.

The yoga money has started to roll in. Thank you to those who have paid already. Keep it coming!

A reminder that Theme Thursday this week is Hawaiian/Tropical Tourists!

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Two more things. First, the theme Thursday for this week is “Hawaiian apparel”!

Second, I’ve had a request for Regatta Sport clothing info and WAC wear. The WAC wear order form is attached and we will set something up with RegattaSport this week. For the grade 9s, WAC wear is the school athletic gear you’ve seen around the school.

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A couple of notes about Wednesday yoga.

1. Yoga classes will take place in the upper gym.
2. The form of our classes is ‘Buti Yoga’, baed on dynamic movement and core strength. Good attendance in this class equals a HUGE improvement in your flexibility scores, which is ultra important in our sport.
3. Many of the grade 9s won’t be there tomorrow due to Take Your Kid’s To Work Day, so for all those NOT in grade 10, please make it a priority to be there tomorrow.
4. You will need a yoga mat for these classes.