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Directions to Ontario Champs (Ridley College) & Race Schedule (Tentative)


Hi everybody,

We’re still waiting to receive an official schedule, but I’ve posted the tentative schedule for the time being & will update this post as it’s corrected by the officials later today/tomorrow.

1) Directions to Ridley (from WSS): http://goo.gl/maps/yQbsi

2) Waiver Form (Print, Sign, & Bring on Saturday): https://www.regattacentral.com/cms/uploads/ridley_graduate_boat_club/files/ontario%20ergometer%20championships%20waiver.pdf

3) Race Schedule (Tentative Schedule *WITH NAMES*- See Photo):

Ontario Championships - Tentative Race Schedule (depends on #of heats)

Ontario Championships – Tentative Race Schedule (depends on #of heats)

Cheers folks,

2 thoughts on “Directions to Ontario Champs (Ridley College) & Race Schedule (Tentative)

  1. Are we to assume we need to arrive two hours before race time again (so those lucky rowers at 8:20 need to be at Ridley College by 6:20)?

    • Hi Lisa,

      Definitely NOT that early (thank goodness!). The registration and weigh-ins open at 7:30am, so I’d say that athletes racing at 8am/8:20am should plan to arrive by 7:20am, which gives them time to get changed, check-in, weigh-in (only applicable LWTs/MWTs), and see me or Mike before warming up. They should be doing a 15-20min warmup, so early-racing athletes need to be there at least 30min before their race. All other athletes should plan to arrive at least 2hrs before their races, or in time for the first race of the day (I’ll review this at practice tomorrow – it depends on your event).

      You may also want to schedule some extra driving time for getting lost (trust me, it always happens at this regatta) and potential traffic/weather issues, but that’s up to you.

      Here’s what the website says: “ALL ATHLETES MUST CHECK-IN AT REGISTRATION ON RACE DAY TO RECEIVE THEIR RACE CARD. There are Top Ten T-Shirts for each of the 18 events, sponsored by Val’s Customized Actionwear, as well as MANY draw prizes for competitors. ALL WEIGHT CLASS ROWERS MUST GO TO WEIGH-INS, BEFORE REGISTERING. KNOW YOUR EVENT NAME (Jr or Sr, 135# or 145# for women, 150# or 165# for men), RACE TIME & EVEN LANE NUMBER TO MAKE THINGS EASIER FOR YOU AND FOR THE WEIGH-IN PEOPLE. YOU CAN WEIGH IN ANYTIME FROM 7:30AM UNTIL THE TIME OF YOUR RACE. (multiple weigh-ins are allowed, no extra weight allowance is allowed!).”

      …hope that helps!


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