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Mother’s Day Regatta – Full Information (Directions, Arrival Times, Rigging)

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Hi Westdale Rowers,

Thank you for all being patient this morning during the trailer loading. In addition to the regatta directions that Mike already posted (below), I’ve compiled some information to prepare you for tomorrow. This includes a link to Mike’s directions & a google maps link; a full race draw; arrival times; a list of must-brings; and rigging options post-regatta.


Google maps directions from Westdale Secondary School to Henley Island can be found here: https://goo.gl/maps/JgcWe
Mike’s directions (for those exiting closer to Victoria & Burlington St.) can be found here: https://westdalerowing.wordpress.com/2014/05/10/directions-for-mothers-day-regatta/

Directions say 45 min (approx.), but plan for 60min just in case you get lost. This has happened to at least one athlete every year that I’ve coached.

Final Race Draw:

With the exception of an extra Sr. Men’s 4x (Bogdan/Toby/Evan/David) and the Jr. Men’s 66kg 4+ still being listed, all other entries are correct. To quickly find your race, do a CTRL + F and search for your last name OR for “Westdale”. This will highlight the team’s races. Please click on the race draw here for details: https://www.regattacentral.com/cms/uploads/st._catharines_rowing_club/files/Mothers%20Day%20Final%20Draw%20R1.pdf

Arrival Times:

All athletes should arrive 3 hours before their earliest race OR by 6:30am (whichever comes later). The only people to arrive with less than 3h before their race will be those racing between 8:30am – 9:30am (i.e.: Madison & the Sr. Women’s 4x). Everyone else will be arriving a full 3h beforehand.


-Long-sleeve top to race in UNDER your unisuit (this is ocassionally requested by race officials if weather is cold & windy/rainy)
-Change of clothes (and extra socks – trust me!)
-Student ID
-Water (lots of water)
-Healthy snacks (trail mix, nuts, apples, granola bars, cliff bars, etc.)
-Rain gear/weather appropriate clothing (*recommended)
-Sunscrean (*recommended)


We can either rig DIRECTLY after the regatta on Sunday evening & then take all of Monday off (no morning or PM practices), OR we can rig on Monday morning (you’d arrive at 7am for a rigging of the boats). Please think about your preference and a majority-rules vote can be made at the regatta tomorrow. Mike & I are fine with either decision.

General Notes:

You are expected to rig your boat, bring your blades down (when required), and ensure your crew is together. You should also know your race plan & be prepared with water/race-gear/food. Please be with & remain with your crew once there’s 1.5h left to go until your race. If you have any questions, please find me or Mike and we can assist you. Generally speaking, if you’re part of the women’s crews, ask Mike if you have a question. If you’re part of the men’s crews or the Sr. Women’s 4x, you should generally ask me.

You’re welcome to ask either of us, but Mike will be most knowledgeable about the women’s races, and I’ll be most knowledgeable about the men’s races, because that’s how we’ve divided the coaching. Assistant coaches will also be available. Eben, Lexi, Mary, and Anise will all be at the regatta.

BTW – There are NO weigh-ins at this particular regatta. It’s based instead on the honour system.

See you in the morning,

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