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Entries & Information for SNRC Regatta (Plus Coxing & Bowing Materials)

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Hello Westdale Rowers & Parents,

The SNRC Regatta is fast approaching, and there’s a lot of important information to keep track of before you head off to the regatta. In order to keep things clear, we’ve included the following key items in this blog posted:

1) Parent Information Package:

New to rowing? Not sure what the regatta’s about? Looking for directions to the course? Search no further – please click here for a parent information package, including the must-knows of heat-stroke and what to do to ensure your athlete is well hydrated & safe: SNRC 2014 – Parent Information Package

Heat stroke information: Heat Stroke & Heat Stress – Signs and Symptoms

2) Must Bring Items:
-Change of clothes (hot & cold weather)
-Boots (it tends to get muddy!)
-Student ID ***this is a requirement for racing – without it, your crew will be unable to race.
-Fold-up chair or tent (recommended)

3) Event List (with athlete names):

Please see here for a full list of events with athlete names: SNRC Entries – ALL CREWS

Times will be posted once the official draw has been listed online. Once the draw is finalized, you’ll be able to find the race times by clicking on this link: EVENT & RACE TIMES VIA REGATTA CENTRAL – CLICK HERE

Some of you are ONLY racing on Saturday or ONLY racing on Sunday. If you are only racing on one of the two days, your attendance at the non-racing day is optional, but I highly recommend coming to support the team & other rowers. Watching this regatta as a spectator is often a fun event, as you can settle in at the parents’ tent by the finish line and can enjoy some high-quality racing from crews around the province.

4) Coxing & Bowing Materials:

Coxing and bowing is INCREDIBLY important in rowing. You are the coach in the boat and are relied upon to guide a crew through practices and races until the finish line. Given this responsibility, it’s easy to become overwhelmed OR to feel as though your crew isn’t responding to your calls. The following booklet offers some advice to coxswains and bow-people with respect to making calls & motivating a boat: Coxing & Bowing Package – WSS 2014 Ammended

See you all in the morning (or this afternoon),

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