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Coaches! Yes We Have Coaches

We’ve had some additions to the coaching staff over the past week.    Here is our current roster of coaches for the 2014/2015 Indoor Season

Head Coach – Mike Roche

Assistant Head Coach – Alessandra Gage (click for contact info & coaching intro)

Assistant Coach – Peter DeNew

Assistant Coach – Dan Castellana

Assistant Coach – Sarah Zhou (click for coaching intro)

Many of you already know Peter DeNew.  His daughter is a Westdale Alumni and he has been coaching at Westdale and at Leander the past two years.

Dan Castellana is also a Westdale Alumni and is a novice coach.

Sarah Zhou is a McMaster student and is a member of the McMaster University rowing team and also a member of the Leander rowing team. For more about Sarah, read her coaching introduction.

The new assistant coaches have been a great addition to our program and are already helping Ali and me better manage the program.