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Leander (LBC) Indoors Regatta – Complete Information

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Dear Westdale,

You’ll find the complete information for LBC Indoors in this blog post, including weigh-in information, arrival time recommendations, race times, and “must bring” items.

To begin, I’d like to personally thank all of you for being patient with me while Mike’s been away sick. Particularly, thank you for all your help on Wednesday morning. For those that have been asking, I’m okay but have been told I need to be careful with how much I exert myself this week, so having everyone listen up the first time I make a call or give instructions is very helpful. Yes, I do eat (a lot), and yes, I do sleep.

LBC Indoors Information

The first Highschool (HS) race is at 12:15pm. Athletes racing between 12pm-12:45pm should all arrive by 11am. All other athletes (regardless of your racing time) must arrive by 12pm (noon). We want everyone at LBC to cheer the Westdale team on, and this will ensure you’re at LBC before the first HS race.

Location: Leander Boat Club (50 Leander Drive) – 2nd floor (up in the “Bay City Music Hall” area)

Must Bring Items:
Waiver – printed & signed (2nd page of the PDF): click here for the waiver.
Food – LOTS OF FOOD. Bring a pre-race snack, post-race snack, lunch, and LOTS of things to nibble on. Think trail mix, granola bars, bananas, etc.
Unisuit – Please bring your unisuit. If you haven’t received your unisuit yet, then Mike will bring the unisuits to the race & you can collect yours then.
Warm Clothes – Cover up with a sweater & pants, and bring some layers so you’re prepared for both hot/cold.

Weigh-In Times: Weigh-ins open for lightweight & midweight rowers at 8:30am and will remain open until the time of your race. It is up to you to determine when you would like to weigh-in. If you plan to weigh-in BEFORE 11am, then please let your coach know so that they can accompany you.

Race Times & Draw: Please click here for the full race draw. This indicates your erg number, race time, category, and fellow competitors along with school affiliation.

What to Expect:
-Arrive at LBC at your expected time (either 11am or 12noon).
-Sign in at the front desk & submit your waiver
-Check in with your coach & set your things at your school’s table/area
-Review your race plan with your coach
-Change into your unisuit (if not already wearing it)
-Complete a 20min pre-race warmup, starting the warmup 30 minutes before your race time (this gives you 10min after the warmup to stretch & use the washroom/etc.)
-Medal Ceremony

…That’s all, folks! As usual, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or Mike.

Good luck & see all of you tomorrow. Sunday will be OFF, and Monday we will return to practice at 6:30am at Westdale.


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