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Cable 14 Visit – Mac 2×4 Prep Day (Monday, March 2nd)

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Hello Westdale Rowers,

As mentioned during our debrief this morning, our Mac 2×4 racing prep day will be held on Monday, March 2nd, with guest coaches Aubrey Oldham (former national team athlete & Westdale alumnus), Karl Zimmerman (McMaster varsity rower), and Cliff Murphy (McMaster University coach).

In addition to practicing in your Mac 2×4 racing crews with your removable foot-straps (bring cardboard please!), Cable 14 has said that they would like to come in to film part of our practice as a promo segment for the Mac 2×4 event.

We (coaches) request (of athletes) a few things:
1) Arrive early – 6:25am for erg setup
2) Wear your WSS racing gear (e.g.: unisuits OR last year’s racing tank tops with unisuit/black spandex shorts underneath – unisuits are preferred though) 
3) Everyone participating in the Mac 2×4 race MUST attend this practice (you will be racing with your team)

…please don’t let your team down. Be there. On time. Ready to train.

The guest coaches (Aubrey, Cliff, and Karl) all expect you to be ready to go at 6:30am sharp. So do Mike & I.

See you all tomorrow morning,

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