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Parents – Informed Consent to Release of Information (IMPORTANT FOR MONDAY)

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Dear Parents,

This Monday, March 2nd, we have guest coaches from McMaster University visiting to train the Westdale Rowing Team on how to effectively race at the Mac 2×4. As part of this practice, we have just received news that Cable 14 (a local news station) has requested to film a promotional segment for the McMaster (Mac) 2×4 event which would involve filming a short clip of the Westdale Rowing Team as they train with the McMaster University coaches at practice this Monday, March 2nd.

Due to the short notice, we have been working hard to provide information as soon as possible to parents and athletes. Most importantly: Cable 14 and the HWDSB require that parents of athletes under the age of 18 must sign a “Consent to the Release of Personal Information” form if your athlete is allowed to be included in the local news segment. In order for your athlete to be filmed by Cable 14, we need your explicit, active consent and permission to the release of personal information (personal information here is referring to the photographs/videos/broadcasts taken by Cable 14 during Monday morning’s practice).

You can download, print, and sign the permission form here: Consent To The Release of Personal Information – Mac 2×4 (Cable 14)

Athletes must bring this consent form with them to practice on Monday if they are to be included in the Cable 14 news segment. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me (Alessandra) directly via email or by phone.

A friendly reminder that all athletes are expected to arrive earlier (by 6:25am) on Monday, March 2nd, so that we can set up the ergs before the McMaster coaches & Cable 14 arrive. We also ask that athletes wear their Westdale unisuits (or Westdale athletics clothing) & have at least one member from their 2×4 team to bring in a piece of cardboard for their removeable footstrap.

Thanks for your understanding,

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