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Cable 14, Crew Lunch & Transitions

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Dear Rowers & Parents,

A few quick things:

1) Cable 14 will air the video of Westdale Rowing training for the Mac 2×4 at 3pm tomorrow (Thursday, March 5th) on “Hamilton Life”. The episode with Katie Stewart (reporter) & Westdale will also repeat later in the evening. The video will be posted to their website within 7 days of the episode’s original air date (so it should be available on www.Cable14.com/HamiltonLife later next week). Heads-up: Online content is only available to cable internet subscribers. So, if you can’t view it online then be sure to check it out when it airs on TV tomorrow afternoon.

2) Transition Practices (Thurs/Fri) – Bring Footstraps
All teams will have a chance to practice their Mac 2×4 transitions this Thursday (women’s teams + coxswain team) and Friday (men’s teams). In order to practice, each team needs to bring their footstraps (made of cardboard & tape). If you don’t have footstraps, or if your original footstraps were destroyed at Monday’s practice, then please talk with your teammates to coordinate who will make them/bring them.

3) Crew Lunch – Options (PLEASE SIGN UP IF ATTENDING)
Please vote on where you’d like to have the team lunch on Saturday (March 7th) following the Mac 2×4 challenge by voting here: http://doodle.com/wstu5fvupw47xi32 
The lunch will take place at 12:30pm (shortly after the HS races are done but with enough time for everyone to get changed). McMaster University has also opened up an invitation to any highschool athletes that want to join the university crews at 4pm at Boston Pizza, but we would need to provide them with numbers by Friday if Westdale rowers would prefer to join that later event.

See you in the morning,

…to clarify any uncertainty from this morning: Space Jam was released in 1996 before y’all were born. #toldyouso #mychildhood #youwerenotbornyet

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