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Swim Test Reminder (Details) + 2km udpate

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Dear Westdale (Novice) Rowers:

Anyone who didn’t row last year is required to complete a swim test at Dalewood Swimming Pool from 3-4pm tomorrow afternoon. We highly advise leaving your last period class 10-15 minutes early so that you have time to walk over & change at the pool. Please tell your teachers in advance so that they’re aware you’ll need to leave early.

I’ll be there to supervise the test & to record names. Here’s what you need to bring:
-You: on time & ready to complete the test
-Long sleeve shirt
-Long pants
-Change of clothes/towel for changing after (don’t go home soaking wet!!!)

The swim test is conducted in long sleeves & pants because we’re testing your ability to stay safe and tread water/catch a life-jacket while in rowing clothes (you won’t be rowing in swimming trunks, so you need to wear what you’d wear to row.).

You are exempt from the test if you have: 
-Already photocopied and submitted a copy of your Bronze CROSS or NLS certification to your coach

If you haven’t submitted the certification photocopy to your coach, then you need to bring it in tomorrow (Wednesday) or else you’ll have to do the test. If you don’t have Bronze Cross or NLS then you are NOT exempt from the test. Bronze Star & Bronze Medallion don’t count. *Mike’s post below should read “Bronze Cross” not Bronze Medallion.

RE: 2km Testing & Movement Screening (Men‘s Team)
Due to the length of time it takes to complete the movement screening, we’ll be holding the screening on Thursday/Friday this week and during weight days next week (Tues/Thurs). Tomorrow’s practice will still be the 2km testing, followed by tech work and flexibility/core exercises. There will be no movement screening tomorrow, as completing the 2km would likely influence your results.

See you in the morning,

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