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Weekly Training, Boatings, & Parents Meeting PPT

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Dear Westdale Rowers & Parents,

Please find the PowerPoint from Thursday’s Parents’ Meeting here: Spring Season – Outdoor Rowing 2015 PPT. The only details missing from this are the Chili Cookoff specifics, and once I’ve obtained a copy of the Chili-Cookoff Info presentation I’ll post it.

Men’s Team: You can find your training boatings & racing crews here: Men’s Alpha List & Boating Details – WSS Men’s Team (Outdoor 2015).

Erg Testing (6km/2km): All athletes will undergo testing this week. The Women’s Team will be completing their 2km tests, and the Men’s Team will be completing their 6km tests. Testing is a normal part of training and is meant to prepare you mentally and physically for racing. It also helps coaches determine your physical fitness, endurance, and strength (depending on the type of test). All athletes should expect to be tested regularly as part of training, particularly before going on-water (you should all do a 2km, 6km, or both).

WEEKLY TRAINING (Sunday, March 29th – April 4th):

Sunday, March 29th: 12-3pm @Welland International Flatwater Centre
ALL – Arrive prepared for a 3hr training session at the Welland International Flatwater Centre. You must wear rowing-appropriate attire. Practice begins at 12pm and ends at 3pm. Men & women will circulate through the tank, weights, ergs, and gym in shifts. Get directions here.

Monday, March 30th: 6:30-8am @Westdale 
Men – Height Measurements, Warmup (suicides/core), 2x25min erg castles (Cat 5), Cooldown & Debrief *Final Movement Screen (Cooper/Evan)
Women – Warmup (suicides/core), 30min run, 3×300 circuit, Cooldown & Debrief

Tuesday, March 31st: 6:30-8am @Westdale 
Men – Warmup (10min run), Weights, Cooldown & Debrief
Women – Warmup, 2km Testing, Cooldown & Debrief

Wednesday, April 1st: 6:30-8am @Westdale 
Men – Warmup (10min run + dynamic stretching), 6km Testing, Cooldown & Debrief
Women – Warmup (10min run), Weights (Day 1), Cooldown & Debrief
***3:30pm @LBC – Women’s Orientation & Rigging 

Thursday, April 2nd: 6:30-8am @Westdale ***OUTDOOR FEES DUE***
Men – Warmup (10min suicides + dynamic stretching), CREW CHALLENGE, Results of Movement Screen Test, Cooldown & Debrief
Women – Warmup (10min run), Weights (Day 2), Cooldown & Debrief
***3:30pm @LBC – Men’s Orientation & Rigging

Friday, April 3rd: OFF

Saturday, April 4th: 9-11am @LBC, CREW BRUNCH, 1pm @LBC (Cox/Bow-Person Clinic)
***LBC session is mandatory for all outdoor athletes***

Sunday, April 5th: OFF

Monday, April 6th: TBD – Weather Pending (ON WATER!!!!)

Bunnies Erging - Easter

See you Sunday,

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