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Senior Girls Erg Test on Tuesday, March 31st

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The senior girls are doing their spring 2k erg test tomorrow.  The junior girls are going to be doing their 2K erg test next week as it is very unlikely that we will be on the water.

To eliminate any confusion the following are testing tomorrow:

  • Maddy
  • Breanne
  • Allie
  • Madison
  • Lauren
  • Victoria
  • Sofia
  • Taylor
  • Claire
  • Jocelyn

The junior girls will be doing a normal practice.

Why the erg tests?   The erg test will be one factor in determining the boatings and crew positions for the upcoming outdoor season.  I also mentioned this morning that we will be conducting seat racing in April.   The seat racing in combination with erg scores are two of my major criterias for placements in boats which coves our big boats and small boats.

I need everyone to take part in the erg tests.    This is one means of making my job difficult and I want you to make my job of crew selection  difficult.   Show passion,  committment and personal bests as a means of forcing your way into being part of the discussion for a seat in the top boats.    Perform to your best capabilities.

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