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Men’s Team: Individual Analysis (Video Feedback & Movement Screen Results)

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Dear Westdale Men’s Team,

The individual video analysis for those of you that attended the tank session on Sunday in Welland is now complete, so I’m posting the links to your videos here.

Please remember: A video analysis is not intended to identify everything, only 1-3 things (3 things TOPS) to focus on. Don’t be surprised if there’s only one technical element that gets focused on in your video – this is normal and it gives you something specific to work on. Once you’ve been able to work on the tech tips from your video, then we can progress to the next steps.

The video footage will not be perfect because I’m not perfect at using Coach’s Eye, but hopefully you’ll find it helpful. I’m still learning to use Coach’s Eye, and it will take me a while to get comfortable with it.

Click on the link beside your name to play your video:
Arnaud Deza: https://www.coachseye.com/v/85O1
James Collier: https://www.coachseye.com/v/COZy
Lucas Austin: https://www.coachseye.com/v/7FeV
Harrison McCann: https://www.coachseye.com/v/kiY6
Max Margetts (UPDATED): https://www.coachseye.com/v/LKwS
Kieran Gargarello: https://www.coachseye.com/v/OCYp
Luke Gadsdon (Part 1): https://www.coachseye.com/v/1HnA
Luke Gadsdon (Part 2): https://www.coachseye.com/v/kZmM
Cooper Wylie:  https://www.coachseye.com/v/CvBv

Video Analysis for the Whole Group (SCULLING): https://www.coachseye.com/v/FdRW

RE: Movement Screen Results:
Due to lack of printer paper, I’ll be emailing you your movement screen results this evening. I’ll include an explanation of the score and the recommendations in the document all via the email (you’ll only receive your own personal movement screen, it won’t be a mass email). If you have any questions about the recommendations or analysis, please feel free to ask.

See you all at 3:30pm at LBC (60min from now),

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