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2 thoughts on “Chili Cookoff – Sign Up Sheet & Information Overview (from Parent Reps)

  1. Hi Alessandra:

    I have a couple and questions and one request.

    1 – I am having no luck in adding Coopers name to the Chili student spread sheet. Could you put him down for cleaning up after the event please.

    2 – Can you tell me where to purchase the hand pogies.

    3 – I noticed in the slide show which was running at our last parent meeting everyone was wear white under armour when wearing their unsuits.. Do you want white when competing in colder weather?


    Mary Anne

    • Hi Mary Anne:

      1 – Yes, I can do this. I’ll also try to figure out why it’s not working for other people.
      2 – hand pogies can be purchased through Regatta Sport, a company based in St. Catharine’s. They have a website too that could be helpful. You can also make your own temporary pogies using old socks if required in the interim.
      3 – I am open to athletes wearing EITHER white OR black long-sleeved spandex tops, but each crew should be uniform so Cooper’s 2x partner & 4+ crew should determine which they prefer.

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