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It appears that my posting on Saturday’s Senior Women’s boating assignments has created concerns for a few of you.   I want to reiterate previous statements that I have made.

These seating assignments are not permanent.  All seats:

  • are open to competition
  • no seat is locked in stone.  You may find yourself in different seats
  • athletes will be rotated through the crew on a regular basis to determine the fastest combination

There are currently 10 athletes competing for the Senior Eight.  However, the eight is not the sum of our racing boats.   There are multiple combinations of racing boats that will be raced including singles, doubles, quads and cox fours.    To be able to maximize our training capabilities we’ll need to train in an eight and a double most days.   On some days we’ll break down into smaller boats.    Our goal is to have as many competitive boats as we can boat.

You will find yourself training in a double some days, while on other days you will be in the eight.   Each athlete will rotate through this plan.

I’m also aware that a few of you have indicated your lack of availability at certain regattas.   This means that each regatta will have slightly different boating assignments.  However, everyone will be racing and doing so in meaningful boats.

If you have concerns about this training plan then talk with me.



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