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Junior Womens Quads

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This post is dedicated solely to the Junior Womens Quads.    We have not forgotten you.

These quads will be practicing every day at 3:30 pm Monday to Friday.  I am also working with Tom and Peter to see if we can add a practice on Saturday at 10:00 AM.  Once you are familiar with the club and rowing there will be some days where you will practice in the morning.  These will be days when I can shift one of the morning crews to the afternoon.  There will not be many morning practices for you but count on 4 or 5 by the end of May.

The primary training boat will be quads but I will also work with Alessandra (the Coach) to see if we could borrow Arnaud for the occasional eight practice.

Your primary coach is Peter.  Tom will be helping out as he is able.  If you have any questions then please talk to Peter on Monday.  Your first official practice is Monday afternoon.

Junior Women’s Quads (afternoon sessions) (3:30 PM)

  • Hannah
  • Drew
  • Meaghan
  • Meeghan
  • Miriam
  • Kate S
  • Samara
  • Sarah

I will definitely see all of you at the Chili Cook Off.

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