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Rowing ‘Swag’ Orders – They’re here!

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Dear Rowers,

Have you been wondering when you could order off-the-hook Westdale Rowing hoodies, jackets, hats, shirts, and other odd and assorted articles of clothing?


Well, wait no more! The time has come! Jocelyn Murray, one of our senior rowers, has kindly coordinated the outdoor rowing “swag” orders for 2015 with Holly Shanlin & Regatta Sport, and the order forms are now available! Rowing “swag” refers to the extra items that promote the team, but that are not mandatory items for racing (they are completely optional).

Interested in checking out the rowing swag? See the form here: Westdale Rowing Apparel 2015 (Order Forms)

If you’d like to purchase something and would like to have it ready by the first regatta (Mother’s Day), then Regatta Sport is asking us to submit our order forms by Monday, April 20th.

If you are ordering something, please print off the form above & bring it to Monday’s practice with your payment for the item(s) ordered.

We realize that this is an incredibly quick turnaround time for athletes & parents to review the swag and make decisions, but we are doing our best to meet the deadlines set by Regatta Sport in order to bring you your swag faster (we only just received cost confirmations recently ourselves). If you’re able to meet the Monday, April 20th deadline, then that will help us immensely in ensuring that orders arrive for our first regatta.

Please Note: If you are interested in a rowing toque (not featured on the order form), then Aubrey Oldham (Westdale Alumnus and former coach) has green toques (handknit!) with golden Westdale “W’s” in the centre. The cost for these toques is $20. One tradition is that any rowers winning a medal at CSSRAs receive a tassel for their toque at our year-end ceremony. If you’d like a toque, please indicate this on your order sheet or let Alessandra know.


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