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Hi Rowers,

Since some of you may not have seen the dress code info in Mike’s last post, I’m re-posting as a separate blog entry so that everyone sees it:

The weather is forecast for -2 to 0- Celsius with wind chill at -5 to -7 Celsius.  Combined with the speed of the rowing shells this can be quite cold.

Athletes must wear ‘full body’ coverage including layered clothing on the legs and torso.

As well as multiple bottom and top layers, a toque is required as well as a wind resistant jacket.

Please ensure that your crew moves quickly to launch and get moving.  Once an athlete warms-up they can generate and retain very comfortable conditions.

Pogies are HIGHLY suggested in these temperatures.***

See you in the morning, bundled up appropriately. Seriously.

***If you don’t have pogies, please bring in some large, old, thick socks and I’ll make you a pair in the morning using my scissors.

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