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UPDATE: Womens Eights Seat Assignments

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We need to make some changes to the seat assignments given that one of the Junior Midweight Eight is injured.    This will necessitate the need for one of the seniors to help out for the next two days (Thursday and Friday) by filling in a seat in the Junior boat.   The longer term plan is to get one of the afternoon Juniors to fill in on Saturday and possibly next week.

  • Cox: Alessandra
  • Stroke: Maddy
  • 7: Madison
  • 6: Lauren
  • 5: Allie
  • 4: Breanne
  • 3: Victoria
  • 2: Jocelyn
  • Bow: Claire/Sofia (one of you will row with the Juniors)

I’m also a little fuzzy on who is not available the week after.  We’ll figure that out tomorrow.   See you at 5:15 AM.

Remember dress warmly and bring a toque to wear.   Steffan is enforcing a dress code over the next few days due to the cold weather.

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