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The Westdale crews stepped up and got on the water this morning despite it being very cold.  To help stave off the cold I have two pairs of Westdale pogies to give away.  So at least two of you could have warm hands.    To make it fair I am going to run a contest.     The first two athletes that are able to email me the answer to the following question will each get a pair.

I believe that knowing the history of our sport is important.  More specifically the history of our sport in the city of Hamilton.   So this is a bit of a history question that has tie in to both Westdale and Leander Boat Club.

Email to coachroche@bell.net the answer to the following:

In 1956 there was a Leander Boat Club Royal Canadian Henley Winner.   Why was this significant to Westdale?


One thought on “Contest!!!

  1. The answer is that this guy who. In the regatta. Refer to the picture Bellow

    ~Hannah Kruizinga


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