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Junior Midweight Women Eight

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I’m asking all the Junior Midweight Women to continue with the 10:00 am practice tomorrow.  I know there is frustration with the fact that we have not been able to get on the water the past few days.   Through injury and other reasons we have not had a full complement.    The crew is down one coxie and two members for this weekend.   It is also likely due to injury that we will be missing one member next week.   This is requiring reallocation of oarswomen from the afternoon athletes.

Please be patient.  Tom and I need to assess where various crews are and identify someone that can fill in while members come back.  We will be boating an eight and a number of smaller boats tomorrow at 10:00 am.

You will also have an eight with a working cox box and speaker system.   The repairs have been made.

Coach Mike


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