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Pogie Contest Winners!!!!!

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The winners of the pogie contest are Erik and Allie (not the coach and not the coxie).   They were the first to correctly answer that Jackie Pearce won the High School Single race at the 1956 Royal Canadian Henley while representing Westdale High School.   He was the last high school sculler for Westdale to win either the Henley or CSSRA in a single scull race.

Bonus points to Erik for including a newspaper article showing Jackie Pearce with his medal.    Also more bonus points for Erik for mentioning that Leander won the most medals at the 1956 Henley.

Bonus points to Allie (not the coach and not the coxie) for mentioning that my dad (Jim Roche) won the Jr 145 lb single.   That wasn’t the contest but the thought was nice.

No one got the real bonus points for mentioning that Jackie Pearce and Jim Roche also won the Jr Heavy Double representing Leander Boat Club.

There you have a bit of a history lesson that includes both Westdale and Leander.

More contests to follow in the weeks to come.

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