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Toques!!!!! We have toques!!! Many toques!!!!!

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I’ve received a shipment of authentic hand knit Westdale rowing toques direct from the Oldham Knitting Factory.   These are the toques that every stylish member of Westdale Rowing team wants but have only been available in limited quantities.    Now is your chance to not only look good, but stay warm.     There is even more!  These toques are also customizable with tassels and other similar threaded contrivances that would not only reflect your commitment to Westdale rowing but your fashion individuality.

The toques are available to every Westdale rowing team member that has committed to the outdoor season.   This means you!!!   Yes, you!!!     I bet you are thinking “Coach Mike this can’t be true.  This is one of your practical jokes like six 5 minute pieces, or a row in rough water”.    In all honesty there is one with your name on it right now.  Well not your name but there is one for you.

To acquire one of these toques is very easy.   First present yourself to Coach Mike and state that you want to experience fashion nirvana.   Second hand over $10 dollars to Coach Mike upon which time you will receive your toque.

Why $10?   They are lovingly hand crafted by Mrs. Oldham from the finest wool and specially imbued with Westdale rowing spirit.   The toques are then carefully transported by Aubrey Oldham from the outskirts of Westdale to Leander Boat Club which can be an arduous journey.

The $10 covers most but not all of the cost of these hats.

Coco Chanel’s sister Bobo Chanel once remarked that “You cannot be too stylish, nor too fast”.     Now you can do both (stylish and fast).

This is not a limited time offer.  We have lots of toques.  However, don’t be the last in your crew to experience “D’aviron suprême fashion”







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