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Mothers Day – Photo ID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Unisuits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Please see Alessandra’s post on regatta directions and race times.    I want to dedicate this post to two topics.

Topic #1 is photo ids.    Every regatta (except for Hamilton Cities) requires photo id.   You must have it to race.  If you do not bring your photo id there is no amount of pleading or begging with regatta officials that will result in you racing.  You and your crew will not race.  Bring your photo id.

Topic #2 is unisuits.     You need to wear a unisuit and it needs to match your crew mates.   I have a few spare unisuits (all womens) that I will give to Eben just in case.   If you are a womens small and forget yours then you will be in luck.   Otherwise, tight fit.   The best thing is to ensure that you pack your own.



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