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Wednesday and Thursday Womens Seating

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We are doing our normal eights tomorrow.

On Thursday we are practicing in secondary boats.   Here are the Thursday AM and PM seating’s.

Thursday AM

Sr Mid 63 kg eight

  • sadie
  • astara
  • sophie  McD
  • Katie Y
  • Samara
  • Sofia S
  • Clair
  • Maddy  McD
  • COXIE (Alles)

Singles      Madison    Jocelyn

Thursday PM

Jr 2x   Lauren Victoria

Jr 8+

  • Kenzie
  • Sarah
  • Drew
  • Kate S
  • Hannah
  • Miriam
  • Meaghan
  • Meegan
  • COXIE Arnaud

Stephanie gets a day off!


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