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Important SNRC Info (Including Tomorrow’s Practice)

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Good evening, Rowers!

I am happy to announce that the (preliminary) regatta schedule has been made available electronically on Regatta Central for the SNRC regatta, so you’ll be able to tell the general time at which you’ll be racing. Schedules are still tentative, so please note that these times are not set in stone. You can find the schedule here.

A few important notes about this weekend, starting with tomorrow’s (Friday) practice:

Practice & De-Rig/Trailer Loading (Friday, May 15th):
Please arrive at 5:15am sharp to set up coach boats and begin your practice. We only have until 6:30am on the water, so we need to maximize our time (let’s try to launch by 5:25AM if possible).

Men’s Team: There will be two practice sessions. The main session will be with the Sr. 4x (Luke, Lucas, Kieran, Max) and the Jr. 1x (Erik). Harrison has a dryland session, followed by the derig of the Justice. The second session will have Lucas/Kieran/Max/Erik/Harrison de-rigging the 4x (Ad Astra) and any other doubles required (Stocks 2x, BrockHud 2x), and Luke will be in the 1x. In total we need to derig & load four crew boats (this doesn’t include the 2 privately owned singles). Plan to be done by 7:45am (if you work fast, we’ll be done before then).

Arrival Times: 
Please arrive 3 hours before your race, but no earlier than 6am (whichever comes latest). If your race isn’t until the afternoon, then we’d still highly encourage and recommend that you arrive in time for the first Westdale race of the day (the Sr. Men’s 2x at 8:42am) so that teammates can cheer one another on. If you need to weigh-in, please see Mike’s post below for the time you need to weigh-in/arrive.

Men’s Team: Sr. Men’s 2x rowers (Luke/Max/Erik/Kieran) must arrive for 6am. Jr. Men’s 2x rowers (Harrison/Lucas/Will/James) should arrive by 8:20am. None of you are required to weigh-in.

What to Bring:
YOUR ID (Student or Driver’s License)
Long-sleeve racing top or similar to keep you warm
Change of clothes
Highly recommended = a tent and/or bicycle (talk with crewmates about pitching a tent to share)

Information – Including Directions – for Parents (and Athletes): SNRC Parent Information

Thanks to Dina Gadsdon for putting the info package together! Dina’s also created an overview of some crew-boat terminology that parents might find useful. See the overview here: Terminology


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