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City Championships (Race Draw & Parent Info), Crew Dinner, Swag, and CSSRAs

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Hi Rowers & Parents,

There’s a lot of information in this post, so please bear with me:

City Championships Info:
Parents Information – Hamilton City Champs – Parent Information
Arrival Time – 6:30am ALL ATHLETES
Race Draw – City Champs draw v.2 – UPDATED FRIDAY
*WARNING: City champs involves wet-launching, so please bring extra socks. Also, please leave your cellphones in your bags to avoid losing or damaging your phones in the water (this happens almost every year).* 

Men’s Team Boating Allocations (Mike has already posted for the Women’s Team):
Event 1b @8:39am – Jr. Men’s 4+ (Arnaud, Lucas, Harrison, James, Will) – New Hudson
Event 3a @8:57am – Sr. Men’s 72kg 2x (JJ, Cooper) – Justice
Event 3b @9:06am – Sr. Men’s 2x (Max, Kieran) – Stocks
Event 10 @10:18am – Sr. Men’s 1x (Luke) & Jr. Men’s 1x (Erik) – private boats
Event 15 @11:22am – Sr. Men’s 4x (Luke, Max, Kieran, Erik) – Ad Astra
Event 17a @11:32am – Jr. Men’s 72kg 2x (Will, James) – St. Mary’s Double
Event 17b @11:42am – Jr. Men’s 2x (Harrison, Lucas) – Justice
Event 20 @12:09pm – Sr. Men’s 8+ (Arnaud, Luke, Max, Erik, Harrison, Lucas, Kieran, Cooper, JJ) – Wagner

Crew Dinner Info:
The crew dinner will be held at the Mandarin on Upper James Street (1508 Upper James Street, L9B 1K3) at 6:30pm. This should give you ample time to finish your ice-cream at Hutches and change after the races. The reservation has been made for 40 people, which should accomodate all 37 athletes, plus coaches. There will be two long tables of 20 seats each.

Rowing Clothing/Swag:
Swag will be distributed tomorrow morning at the regatta. After reviewing all the items received from RS, there are still items we’re waiting on (jackets and visors). We have hats, hoodies, tee-shirts, and most other items. We are following up with Regatta Sport to obtain the rest of the order.

All athletes are expected to be available all day from Thursday, June 4th – Sunday, June 7th for the CSSRA national championships regatta in St. Catherine’s. Please speak to employers, teachers, and anyone else who should know (other coaches, etc.) to book the time off now.

We have already begun the process of booking our bus for our CSSRA practice. All athletes should be aware that they are expected to practice at Henley Island on Thursday, June 4th, during the day. A bus will transport all athletes to and from the race course, leaving from Westdale Secondary School.

*WARNING FOR GRADE 12s: This is the same day as prom, if you need special accomodation then you need to let your coaches know immediately.*

See you all at 6:30am,

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