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Womens Cities Seat Assignments and Schedule (UPDATES)

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Here is the race schedule for tomorrow.    The crews rowing lightweight and midweight will need to weigh in at 6:30 AM at Leander.   See Coach Allie’s post on times.

I had to make an adjustment to the coxie in event 19 (see below) as Arnaud needs to cox the Sr M 8+.  Also the Sr W 63kg 4+ is not entered (according to the race committee) so you are not racing. Yes, I tried to get an entry.

Race# Event                     Crew                                                      Coxie
2 Jr W 63kg 8+                                                                               Arnaud
2  Jr W 8+                      PM quads                                                Alles
6 Jr W 2X                       Lauren, Victoria
9 Sr W 8+                                                                                          Alles
11 Sr W 1x   Madison
11 Sr W 1x   Jocelyn
12 Jr W 63kg 4+            Katie, Sofia, Samara, Zoe                     Alles
12 Jr W 59kg                  Astara,Sadie,Kenzie,Stephanie           Arnaud
14 Sr W 63kg 2x            Maddy Claire
14 Sr W 2x                      Jocelyn, Madison
18 Jr W 4x                      PM Quads
19 Sr W 4+                     Lauren, Victoria, Allie, Taylor            Alles

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