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Weekly Training & City Champs Recap

Dear Westdale Rowers,

Congratulations on a job well done at the City Championships. Here’s a quick recap for those who missed it:

Recap of City Champs & Results:
-Men’s Team entered 9 boats in 8 events
-Women’s Team entered 14 boats in 11 events
-Points were awarded for 1st and 2nd place finishes (listed below)
First Place Finishes:
-Jr. Men’s 4+
-Jr. Women’s 63kg 8+ (winning both the 63kg and Open categories)
-Sr. Women’s 8+
-Sr. Men’s 1x
-Sr. Women’s 1x (Vamosi)
-Jr. Women’s 59kg 4+
-Jr. Women’s 63kg 4+
-Sr. Women’s 2x
-Sr. Men’s 4x
-Jr. Men’s 2x
-Sr. Women’s 4+
-Sr. Men’s 8+
Second Place Finishes:
-Sr. Men’s 72kg 2x
-Sr. Men’s 2x
-Jr. Women’s 2x
-Jr. Men’s 1x (racing in the Sr. Men’s 1x event)
-Sr. Women’s 1x (Murray)
-Jr. Men’s 72kg 2x
-Jr. Women’s 4x

Based on points, the Women’s Team finished first place overall, with Ancaster taking second place. The Men’s Team finished a close second overall to St. Mary’s. As a whole, The Westdale Rowing Team won the City Championships with a cumulative total of 293 points. Way to go Warriors!

Fun “First” Facts:
-This is the first time Westdale has won the City Champs since 2012
-This is the first time every athlete on the men’s team has received a gold medal at City Champs

Please Note: Medals will be available later this week, once they’ve been distributed by Steffan.

Weekly Training AM Crews:
The training plan can be found here: WSS Rowing 2015 Training Schedule (A. Gage РMAY & JUNE)
WEEKDAYS: Arrival time is 5:15am for weekdays, and end-time is 7:40am.
WEEKENDS: Practice is held on Saturday morning at LBC at 5:45am, with an end-time of 8:00am.

Weekly Training PM Crews:
The training plan is the same as in the above link, but your training time is 3:30-5:30pm, Monday-Friday. Peter, Tom, Alessandra, and Hudson are the coaches who will supervise the PM training on a rotational basis.

Boating lineups will be given by your coaches.