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Please make sure you have the following for Monday morning:

  1.  Tight/non-baggy shorts.  Baggy shorts WILL get caught underneath the wheels of the erg.  This will ruin the shorts and won’t be beneficial to the erg, either.
  2. You will also need to have a small notebook that will be your TRAINING LOG-ROWING.  This will be filled in after every training session, and just as a teacher will occasionally require you to hand in your notebooks for review, so too will I ask on occasion, for you to hand in your training logs.  The benefits of this are HUGE, the most obvious being that you will be able to CLEARLY track your own progress, as well as coaches being able to help you target what you are capable of in testing.  If you want to succeed in the sport of rowing, keeping a training log is essential.

See you all on Monday morning and remember:

“What the Mind Believes, The Body Will Deliver”