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I think it’s been a good start so far.  I haven’t worked with the experienced rowers yet, but have seen a lot of red faces, which s a good sign that you’re working hard.  A big shout out to the group of novices with Peter and I this morning.  You did well on your first real rowing training session.  Remember:  stretching and a warm shower or bath will help you immensely during this first week.  The muscle stiffness and soreness will eventually subside….it’s just your body protesting a bit and telling you you’re working hard

For all rowers, remember to please get a training log as soon as possible, because “If you know where you’ve come from, it’s a lot easier to see the path of where you want to get to”.  It’s all about daily victories, and today was a good one!

We will be running outside Wednesday, regardless of weather.  We will row in the rain in the spring if we have to, so showers in November won’t bother us!  Dress for it.  Temps are supposed to be relatively pleasant and as soon as your blood is flowing, you’ll welcome the coolness!

Mike and I are working on getting more erg time, especially for the novices and we’ll be trying to arrange the time for after school and at Leander.  We know that with 70 rowers and only 15 ergs, that erg-time is at a premium.  We also know that it’s vital for novices to have minimal time between ergs so as to ingrain basic technique.  So bear with us through this week.  Keep bringing us your best effort as you’ve been doing, whether on the erg or doing Land Fun.

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