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The Rest of this Week

Moving forward, we will post the plan for the week right here so you know what’s happening.

Starting next Monday (November 23), we will be breaking the groups up a bit more.  We will still go with Novice and Experienced, but they will be split by gender.  Mike and Madison will be taking the Novices for two weeks starting on the 23rd and Peter and I will be with the Experienced rowers.

The rest of this week shakes down as follows:

TUESDAY:  Novices:  Ergs + Circuit.  Experienced Rowers:  Land Fun.

WEDNESDAY:  All Team Run outside.  Dress for the conditions and bring your water bottles outside!  Remember the lessons from last week:  Pace yourselves for about 45-50 minutes of steady state running.  It’s all about PACING!!

THURSDAY:  Novices:  Land Fun + Weights Intro (groups from Monday switch).  Experienced Rowers:  Ergs.

FRIDAY:  Erg and Land Circuit in teams.

Starting Tuesday morning, you are ALL going to hear the words “POWER PER STROKE” from me a lot between now and the end of the season.  What does that mean??  Stay tuned.  🙂