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2K Test Notes

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2K Tests for the Seniors/Experienced Group will be Tuesday morning.  It is an optional test for those who did the Fall program.

  1.  This is a measurement of where we are today.  Where we are today is hopefully not where we will be in early February, or even late March when selection occurs.  Life will go on after Tuesday’s test, so please be neither completely discouraged, nor over-confident from your results!!
  2. EXPECTATIONS.  The Fall program women who are re-pulling know where my expectations are.  At the very least from you, I would expect a repeat of those numbers, but hopefully we will improve on even those results.  For those who have re-started back into rowing, I think a reasonable expectation is to come within 10 seconds of where you were at the end of last season. If you set a PB on Tuesday, good on ya, and onwards and upwards!!
  3. MID TO LONG TERM EXPECTATIONS.  I will speak more to the guys individually about what I think they can achieve once I get some 30′ numbers from you.  But for each of you, we will set reasonable but achievable targets for you.  For the women, we are targeting as many of you as close to or under 8:00 as possible by the indoors.  You are ALL better than what I saw last year, some of you SIGNIFICANTLY better than that!  Believe that you can get there.
  4. 2K STRATEGY.  I prefer a simple strategy because frankly, when I was pulling 2K tests, I wasn’t very good at being able to think during that third 500 metres!  So I had a simple strategy:  10 strokes hard and high rate right at the start.  Then, over one stroke, find your optimal race rate (suggested 29), and your target split.  Simply hold on to that split for the entire 2K.  i.e., if your goal is an 8:00 test, then after your 10 hard strokes, find a 2:00 split at 29 and stay with that.  But PLEASE set a target time that’s reasonable and achievable and KNOW THE SPLIT IT TAKES TO GET THAT!  I will be asking you over the next few days what your target is.

“What The Mind Believes, The Body Will Deliver”

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