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Seniors/Experienced Program November 23-29

We will split up into two groups.  Men and women.  In addition to what is below, I will require one more weights session to be done on one day after school at 3PM.  You pick the day, but suggested NOT the night before the 2K Test!  RULES FOR THIS ARE:

  • There must be people training/playing and school coaches present in the lower gym;
  • MINIMUM of three seniors or 4 juniors training in there at a time.  In other words, NOBODY does weights alone!!!;
  • MUST use spotters for free weight lifts

MONDAY AM:  Women:  Weights.  Men:  Land Fun.  (SEE ATTACHED PROGRAM)

Weights            LAND FUN!

TUESDAY:  2K Erg Tests for all non-Fall Program rowers.  Those from Fall wishing to re-pull have the option of doing so.  If not, then Land Fun.

WEDNESDAY AM:  Women:  Run with the rest of the team.  Men:  Weights.

THURSDAY AM:  MEN & WOMEN:  30′ ergs emphasizing POWER.  PER. STROKE!!  Session will be 5’@18, 4’@20, 3’@22, 2’@24, 1’@26, then drop right back down to 18spm and repeat.  18spm is your active recovery.  Emphasis will be on power and pressure, especially at the lower rates.  Those who have never done this workout, please don’t fool yourself into thinking that 18spm means easy rowing.  Speed is created by power and pressure and if we want meaningful speed changes when we lift the rating later in the season, then we need to create an element of speed at lower rates.  Please show up 10 minutes early to set up the ergs.  We will do our 10′ warmup run, then get right into these pieces.  Those not erging will do a solid stretching session combined with a short circuit.

FRIDAY:  Men & Women:  Westdale Team Challenge

SATURDAY: Men & Women:  Chedoke Stair Run