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Seniors/Experienced on Thursday AM

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Good morning, Seniors and Experienced rowers….

Thursday morning, please arrive at 6:20 and set up the ergs.  I will be there at 6:30, which is when we will start our warmup run.  You will be split into two groups, with group 1 starting their erg at precisely 6:40 and Group 2 doing the “300 Circuit”, which is posted elsewhere under “Athlete Training Resources”.  I’ll take 5 minutes at 7:10 to mark down the numbers, then group 2 will start the erg at 7:15 and group one will do the circuit.  I’ll mark down scores as quickly as I can at the end and then ergs can be put away.  Time is of the essence if we are to get these done.

The workout is 5’@18, 4’@20, 3’@22, 2’@24, 1’@26, then go straight back down to 18spm and repeat.  Your “rest” time is the first part of the 18spm, with active recovery.  The wheel continues to spin and you’re creating metres during your recovery. The purpose of this workout is to emphasize POWER PER STROKE.  We need to learn how to generate boat speed at lower rates.  There should be a distinct difference between your split at 18spm and your split at 26spm!  (You would be surprised at how many people DON’T have a difference in the split!)  Your next question, if you haven’t done this one before is, “what should I be aiming for?”  I won’t answer this before your first one, but I will say you should get more metres with each successive one you do.  Think of it in terms of reaching “levels”.  If you pull 6330 metres tomorrow, then your next “level” of achievement is 640o.  Then 6500, etc.  Just keep improving.  Metres are made by how much speed is generated on the handle and the chain….not on how fast the slide is going, so a quicker drive time with power helps IMMENSELY!!

Finally, I’m sure you ALL want to improve your 2K scores.  In the Fall season at Leander (and any of our rowers will confirm this), we saw a number of significant PBs (16 of 17 Fall rowers emerged with a PB), in some cases, by more than 10 seconds and by as much as 20.  A very big reason for these PBs were an emphasis on “POWER PER STROKE” that these 30′ ergs bring—we did 6 of them in the last three weeks of the season–two per week.  We also did some at the end of last season with the afternoon group and there were two cases where, by the end of May, girls were holding splits over 30 minutes that were faster than 2K splits done only a couple of months earlier!!!  So it makes a HUGE difference!!!!

See you at 6:20, and be prepared to amaze yourselves!

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