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Here is our list for week one of the extra erg sessions.  Note for seniors–I was planning on doing a session at 3:40 on Monday and Wednesday, but so far nobody has signed up for those—therefore if you wanted an erg session, there should be some available then).

MONDAY, NOV. 30 at 3PM:  Lexi, Grace, Maria, Morgyn, India, Madeleine, Sabrina, Addy, Chloe, Ahmed, Alex, Elias

Wednesday, Dec. 2 at 3PM:  Erin, Alaysia, Dima, Alex, Zac, Taylor, Chloe, Shrishyla, Jared, Graham M, Steph C (senior)  (2 novice spots open)

Thursday, Dec. 3 at 3PM:  Abbey, Zaiga, Ruby, Pamela, Madeleine, Graham W, Lauren, Zarha, Derek, Elizabeth, Liam, Kai

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