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There is no “official” stair run at Chedoke on Saturday at 7:30am.  You are encouraged to do 45 minutes of vigorous cross-training during the day Saturday (which could very well be a stair run, or a bike, swim, run, or stationary bike).

Also, note that the date for the City Erg Championships are likely to change to SATURDAY, JANUARY 16TH.  This will be confirmed in the next couple of weeks.  If so, our 2015-2016 2K erg testing dates will be as follows:

Monday/Tuesday December 7-8:  (NOVICES ONLY) Practice 2K, done is four groups, two groups on each day.  To be assigned.

Week of December 14-18:  Pre-Break 2Ks for all.

Saturday, January 16:  Hamilton City Erg Championships (at, I believe, Leander BC)

Sunday, February 7:  Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships at the Hershey Centre, Mississauga (part of RADAR week for those athletes participating)

Saturday, March 5:  Ontario Erg Championships at Ridley College, St. Catharines

We STRONGLY encourage you to compete at all indoor “Ergattas”.  They are a GREAT place to pull a test because the provided adrenaline will help you achieve!  We understand that some of you work on weekends and that family commitments may keep you away, but hopefully with this much notice, you will be able to arrange your lives to do it.  If you can’t, you will still be required to test and those will be held very close to the competition dates.

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