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Here is the program for this week.  Things to note:  1) The 3:40PM ergs so far (the second sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday), are all wide open.  I expect all experienced/seniors ro have completed ALL missed ergs by end of day Thursday (by then, completed ergs for me will be 3 x 30 minutes as well as a 2K test).  Please don’t fall behind.  2)  Some of you have asked me about training over the holidays.  Mike, Peter and I will have a discussion about that, but the short answer is, yes there will be some structured training during that time.  You will be given a program with options–some days will be “Own Training”, while other days will likely include something at Leander as a group.  We will let you know.

MONDAY, NOV 30:  WOMEN: Weights Day 2.  MEN: Land Fun

TUESDAY, DEC 1:  30′ erg, same as Thursday (2 x 5’@18, 4’@20, 3’@22, 2’@24, 1’@26).  Focus on POWER.  PER.  STROKE!!  Try to improve your number of metres!!!  Please be there at 6:20 to set up the ergs so we can start right away.  Group not erging will do the 300, then we will switch.

WEDNESDAY, DEC 2:  WOMEN: Team Run.  MEN: Weights Day 2.

THURSDAY, DEC 3:  30′ erg.  Same as above.  Please be there at 6:20 to set up the ergs.  Following tis erg, I will crunch some numbers and at some point in the following few days after that, give you an individual target of what I think you can hit for your pre-break 2K test.  I will not give out predictions based on anything less than the three 30′ pieces plus a 2K score, so if you want to know a target, you have to give me the data!


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