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Stay tuned for news of our first fundraiser of the year, coming up on Family Day Sunday at Fortino’s!!!  There will be some preparation required for this, as well as help on the day of—likely about an hour or an hour and a half per person between 10am and 4pm.  Details to come soon!

Brock, Mike and Carolyn will let you know what the funds will be used for, but to give you an idea, a lot of fundraising money often goes towards the purchase of new equipment and boats.  At Leander Boat Club, we are fortunate to be able to row in decent equipment, which is great, because at spring regattas, you will see some real heavy, old clunkers of boats that are almost as old as I am!  A new eight costs about $30,000 and a new four is about $20,000.  Add to that the cost of oars ($500 per oar), a voice amplification system (about $1000), and ergs (about $1250 each) and you can quickly see that fundraising  helps immemsely in this regard.  Westdale’s major fundraising effort in the spring is the Chili Cookoff.  LOADS of fun and lots of great food!  So let’s out our best effort into this and show West Hamilton what The Westdale Rowing spirit is all about!!!