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Last week of training before the break, so let’s make it a good one folks!!

MONDAY:  Big Novice group broken up into 3 smaller groups where we will spend 25 minutes doing “The 300”, 25 minutes doing weights and 25 minutes doing “House of Victory”.  Those joining us for an afternoon erg on Monday do not need to be there in the morning.  Please sign up if you plan to erg Monday afternoon.

TUESDAY:  Erg tests.  Those pulling on Wednesday do not need to come Tuesday.

WEDNESDAY:  Erg tests.  Those pulling on Tuesday do not need to come on Wednesday.

THURSDAY:  Team run with 26 select novices to do a 30-minute erg piece.

FRIDAY:  Team Challenge!!

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AFTERNOON ERGS THIS WEEK.  We  have two available sessions this week after school.  Monday at 3PM there are 6 ergs available, and at 3:40 there are 13.  If you are pulling your 2K tests on Wednesday, especially if you are a novice, I would STRONGLY encourage you to take one of these spots!  If you do this afternoon erg, you do not have to be there at 6:30am. (I wouldn’t suggest doing this piece is you are pulling your test on Tuesday morning).

We also have a session on Wednesday after school.  13 spots are available at 3PM and 13 more at 3:40.  For those of you going away for the break, this will be your last opportunity to do a longer erg piece, so I would strongly suggest you book one of the spots.  E-mail me at tbeshoff@cogeco.ca or text at 289-527-5800 to reserve your spot!

TRAINING OVER THE BREAK.  We are trying to get some days at Leander Boat Club over the holidays.  They have a number of ergs, a weight room and most importantly, a rowing tank.  For novices, a rowing tank is a set up where there are a couple of seats next to a small pool and we can teach you an actual rowing stroke with an oar.  Any time we can get in the tank will be invaluable to us.  In the next couple of days I’ll be asking who is available over the break, then we will schedule accordingly.  I am hoping we can get everybody there two days each minimum.

There will be a training schedule available for those of you who are away, and for days we’re not at Leander.  This plan will be coming out shortly.  I STRONGLY encourage you to do as much of what will be on there as possible.  The holidays are a great time of year—full of fun, festiveness, food and friends.  (the food isn’t always the most healthy, as you may have noticed!  Try to limit the sweet stuff and always go for the veggie tray!!!)   We don’t want to ruin all that fine work you’ve done to this point, so remember partake in activities that elevate the heart rate for extended periods.