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Here are the training groups for Monday and Tuesday December 21 & 22 at Leander Boat Club from 8-10am.  Note:  These two days are full.  If you haven’t signed up yet and want to join in, the remaining available dates are Wednesday December 23 and Monday, Tuesday Wednesday December 28, 29 & 30.

Please e-mail me at tbeshoff@cogeco.ca or text me at 289-527-5800 to book your spot!

These will be scheduled in the next couple of days.  Everybody will get a minimum of two days at Leander, but it could be more than that.  If your name isn’t below for the tank, don’t worry–you will get a turn on one of the six days we have.

DIRECTIONS TO LEANDER BOAT CLUB:  Take James St. N all the way to the end at Leander Dr.  Turn left and go to the end and just before the roundabout, you will see Leander on the right.

MONDAY DECEMBER 21:  Ahmed, Alex N., Graham M, Zac, Kieran R-D, Chloe, Andrea, Pamela, Grace, Alex T, Lucas (novice), Ben C-M, Kate McGall, Alex D, Jason, Lauren, Becca, Allie, Victoria, Drew, Miriam, Sophia, Harrison, Erik, Katie Y, Meegan, Kai, Graham W

8-830:  Ahmed, Kieran R-D in tank.  Graham, Jesse, Lucas, Ben C-M to watch tank session.  All other novices to do 30′ erg

8:30-9:  Graham M, Jesse tank.  Ahmed, Kieran, Lucas, Ben C-M to erg.  All other novices to watch tank session.

9:00-9:30:  Lucas (novice), Ben C-M tank.  Zac, Jason and all other novices to watch tank session.  Jesse and Graham to erg

9:30-10:  Zac, Jason tank.  Jesse and Graham to watch tanks.  All other novices free to go.


TUESDAY, DECEMBER 22:  Zac, Kieran R-D,Chloe, Elizabeth, Andrea, Madeleine, Pamela, Grace, Alex T, Kate McG, Alex D, Lauren, Becca, Allie, Victoria, Drew, Miriam, Sophia, Harrison, Evan, Astara, Erik, Claire G, Meaghan, Katie Y, Meegan, Kai, Graham W.  Seniors/Experienced will do 45′ erg.  Novices will do weights.

8-8:30:  Elizabeth, Madeleine in tank. Pamela, Kate McG, Alex T, Alex D to watch.  Chloe, Andrea, Zac, Kieran R-D, Grace to weights.

8:30-9:  Pamela, Kate McG in tank.  Chloe, Andrea to watch tank session.  Elizabeth, Madeleine, Alex T and Alex D to weights.

9-9:30:  Alex T, Alex D in tank.  All other novices to watch tanks session.

9:30-10:  Chloe, Andrea in tank.  Alex T, Alex D to watch tank session.  All others can go.

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