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Hope everybody is enjoying their break!  Below are the groups for Monday, December 28.  December 29 and 30th should come out later in the weekend.  Note that  Graham W and Evan do not need to be there until 8:20 and Kate McGall & Jason do not need to be there until 8:30.  Kate McG, and Jason will do their weights first and then do the tank.  Note:  Once you are finished either the 45 minute erg or weights, you are free to go.  ((Some of you have seemed a bit surprised when I tell you that you are finished after the erg or weights are done.  Those workouts, if done with proper intensity, should leave you plenty fatigued!))

MONDAY, DECEMBER 28:  Graham W, Elizabeth, Madeleine, Susan, Kat, Pamela, Grace, Taylor, Sabrina, Kate McGall, Jason, Lauren, Becca, Allie, Lucas A, Drew, Miriam, Harrison, Evan, Astara, Eric, Claire G, Meaghan  Seniors/Experienced will do 45′ erg.  Novices will do weights.

8-8:30:  Taylor, Meaghan in tank. All other novices except for those above to do weights.  Drew, Astara to erg.

8:30-9:  Evan, Graham W in tank.  Taylor to weights.  Meaghan to erg.

9-9:30:  Drew, Astara in tank.  Evan erg, Graham W to do weights.

9:30-10:  Kate McG, Jason in tank.