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I hope all your exams went well and that everybody is ready to get back to regular training…..although some have been training all along, which is great!

We will train at 6:30am on Monday at the school.  Tuesday and Wednesday are PD Days, but we will be at the school to oversee sessions at 7:45 each day.  Regular 6:30am start times resume on Thursday.

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Below are the entries for CIRC on Sunday, February 7 at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga.  The Hershey Centre is basically at the 403 and 401.  Regatta info can be found at cdnindoorrowing.org.  I will update later in the week with race times.

We have 25 entries for Westdale.  Not as many as Mike or I wanted to see, but not bad.  Congratulations to those who entered and are really learning a lot about race day, race day nerves and how to deal with them.  Those who did not enter either the Leander Indoors or CIRC (in other words, those who last pulled a 2K in December), will be pulling a 2K test on the morning of Monday, Feb. 8 at 6:30.  All those who raced either Leander or CIRC will be off that morning.

It is strongly encouraged that you support your crewmates and teammates for this regatta.  Four of our rowers are facing a race category where they are the ONLY Westdale rower represented.  Graham Mercier is our only representative in the Jr. B Boys Lightweight category (in a field of 73!!!).  Kieran Ray-Daniels is the only Westdale rep in the Jr. B Boys division (18 entries).  Steph Castellana is carrying the Westdale torch in the Coxies division (10 entries), and Susan Price is our lone racer in the Jr A Girls Lightweight race (41 entries).  We would like to see as much support for ALL races as possible….but the above ones are very important, as these four are facing the fire on their own.

Race Times TBA later this week

Jr B Girls Lightweight:  Pam, Liz, Becca, Meegan, Kenzie, Madeline

Jr. B Boys Lightweight:  Graham M

Jr. B Girls:  India, Sabrina, Grace, Meaghan

Jr. B Boys:  Keiran R-D

Coxwain Women:  Steph

Jr. A Girls Lightweight:  Susan

Jr. A Girls:  Lauren, Allie, Kat, Victoria, Kate S, Claire

Jr. A Boys Lightweight:  Lucas, Harrison, Kai R-D

Jr. A Boys:  Erik, Evan




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Here is the list of those racing at CIRC so far.  If your name is not listed below and you plan on racing, you need to contact Mike at coachroache@bell.net  IMMEDIATELY to confirm that you are racing and with your birth date.  Please talk amongst your friends and make sure everybody knows about this.  The entry deadline is Thursday at midnight and the regatta is NOT accepting late entries.

Pamela Wang
India Walker
Elizabeth Li
Kat Ciupka
Kate Stinson
Susan Price
Meaghan Hines
Sabrina Muto
Graham Mercier
Meegan Crossley
Victoria Collins
Allie Henderson
Lucas Austin
Erik Heinbecker
Kenzie Brochu
Madeline Battersby
Lauren Gadsdon
Steph Castellana (needs to e-mail Mike)
POSSIBLY Becca Henderson (needs to e-mail Mike)
POSSIBLY Grace Heinbecker (needs to e-mail Mike)

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Our first fundraiser of the year is coming up on Sunday, February 14th.  In order to pull this off, we will need a minimum of 45 rowers for a couple of hours each that day.  Please text or e-mail me your commitment & availability for that day.

I need to have your reply on availability by MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1.

This fundraiser could go a long way towards purchasing our next boat, likely a quad…..but it won’t happen without the full support of the squad!

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There appear to be a number of parents ‘out of the loop’ as far as knowing about this blog.  (and sometimes I wonder if there are a number of rowers out of the loop as far as knowing about the blog too!!!)  So, here’s what I need:

  1.  Rowers need to tell their parents about the existence of this blog and point them in the right direction to get here.
  2. Please forward me your parents’ e-mail addresses (send them to tbeshoff@cogeco.ca ), so we have all bases covered.  There are a number of events coming up where we will need the input and involvement of parents and it is vital that we have a means to communicate with them!

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CIRC Entries – Need ‘Em

I have very few confirmed entries for CIRC and the entries are due Friday, January 29th 2016 at 5:00 PM EST.   This means that if I do not have the entry in the system by that time you will need to make a late entry the day of the regatta.   This also means that I need your entry by Thursday, January 28th.

I am asking each of you to confirm your racing entry.   If you are not racing then please do NOT email me.  I only need confirmations from those racing.

I need an email sent to coachroche@bell.net with the following standard format:

Subject: <insert your name here> confirmation for CIRC

Body of the email must contain:
Name: <insert your name here>
Event: <one from the list below>
Date of Birth: <insert your DoB>

Please ensure that you give your name.   It  speeds the process.  Many times I have no idea who an individual is solely from the email address.

Note:  Jr B is essentially grade 9 and 10.  (16 or under as of December 31, 2016).
Junior A is grade 11 and 12.  (18 or under as of December 31, 2016).

9am/915am: Jr B Lightweight girls (135 and under)
9:30am:  Jr B Lightweight Boys (165 and under)
9:45am:  Jr. B Girls
10am:  Jr. B Boys
10:15am:  Coxwains
11am/11:15am:  Jr. A Lightweight girls (135 and under)
11:30/11:45am:  Jr. A Girls
12/12:15pm:  Jr. A Lightweight boys (165 and under)
12:15/12:30pm:  Jr A boys

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January 25-29 is exam week, so practices are OPTIONAL.  For those who can join us, we will start at 6:30am Monday (a normal school day), and 7:45AM each exam day.  There will be a mix of weights, longer form ergs and speedwork leading up to CIRC.  A reminder to CONFIRM WITH MIKE if you are racing at CIRC and also your birthdate.

There are three PD days February 1-3.  There will be organized training on those days, but not confirmed yet where it will be or at what time—it will either be at Leander or at the school.  Watch this space.  We will resume normal training at the school 6:30am on Thursday, February 4th.

Those who competed at Leandet or are racing at CIRC on Sunday, February 7th will be off on Monday February 8th.  All those who didn’t do Leander and are not competing at CIRC will be doing 2K tests on Monday, February 8th.

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Here is the tentative schedule for CIRC on Sunday February 7 at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga.  Given quiet week/exams/PD days following exams, you will need to communicate with us if you wish to attend CIRC.  Please text me at 289-527-5800, or e-mail me at tbeshoff@cogeco.ca, or tell us at practice.  Entries are due during exam week, so it’s imperative we confirm you are racing.  Note:  Jr B is essentially grade 9 and 10.  (16 or under as of December 31, 2016).  Junior A is grade 11 and 12.  (18 or under as of December 31, 2016).

9am/915am: Jr B Lightweight girls (135 and under)

9:30am:  Jr B Lightweight Boys (165 and under)

9:45am:  Jr. B Girls

10am:  Jr. B Boys

10:15am:  Coxwains

11am/11:15am:  Jr. A Lightweight girls (135 and under)

11:30/11:45am:  Jr. A Girls

12/12:15pm:  Jr. A Lightweight boys (165 and under)

12:15/12:30pm:  Jr A boys