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Mike has posted the TENTATIVE schedule for Saturday.  We will post who is entered into what races, likely Thursday.  Also, be sure to check the FINAL race schedule, as it may differ from what is already there.

DIRECTIONS TO LEANDER BOAT CLUB:  If you joined us for any training over the holidays, that is where the event is.  Upstairs.  If you didn’t join us, go down to the bottom of James St or McNab to the bay.  Turn left on the last street (Leander Dr).  Leander BC is the big yellow building on the right just before the turnaround.

WEIGH INS:  For those of you racing in a weight category, you need to weigh in.  Scales are open from 7:30am until noon.  Novices especially, will be curious to watch a couple of races beforehand to see how it all works, and also to have a look around and “take it all in”.  We need you to be weighed in, ready to have a pre-race chat with Mike, Peter or I and prepped to warm up a half hour before your race time.  A routine indoor race warmup I like to do is:  10 minutes of LIGHT, motion rowing on the warmup ergs with three to four 10 stroke bursts all out.  This should start about 15 minutes before your race.  At five minutes to go, you will likely be called to your race ergs.  There, warm up for another 5 minutes of LIGHT rowing, with 3-4 five stroke bursts.  By the time you race, your heart rate should be elevated and you should feel warmed up.

RACE NOTES:  PLEASE stick to your GOAL splits!  It’s really easy to get caught up in the moment at these events and start out at a split you aren’t capable of.  As you’ve found out, you pay dearly for that.  If you know what your time target is, please confirm with a coach about your split you want to hold.