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Please plan on being at the regatta for the duration of all Westdale races.  We would like a good cheering section for all our athletes who are racing!!!  The first Westdale race is Stephanie Castellana in the Coxwain’s race at 9:15am.  The last race is at 12:45 (Sr HS Men), where we have 5 of our athletes racing.  GOOD LUCK!  Remember your SIGNED waivers!

For Quiet Week, there will be OPTIONAL training at the school daily at 6:30.  School takes priority, so this is not mandatory.  The following week, Exam Week, there will be no formal training at the school, however I will send out a list of options for you to do on your own.  When I was rowing in high school, I always found it really beneficial to take a break from exam studying and do an hour of training.  You return to the books refreshed and with a keener eye from stepping away for a bit.

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