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Some general comments on our first indoor regatta of the season.  27 athletes competed on Saturday.  We would like to have seen more of you, but 27 isn’t a bad number.  It takes a math genius to figure out the points table, but I THINK we won the women’s title, finished second in the men’s and 2nd overall.  16 of you achieved PBs.  Personal Bests are VERY important to me because it means that you are improving and going further than you got before.  It’s the best signal we have that you are getting faster.

Notable achievements that deserve a shout out on Saturday.  Of the 12 high school categories, we won three of them:  Sadie Boyter with a blistering 8:06 (PB by 12…….TWELVE…..seconds!), won the Sr. Women 135 category.  Lauren Gadsdon won the Sr. Women category.  And Erik Heinbecker won the Sr. Men category, being pushed to a PB by the athlete from Ancaster.  Other notables:  The good news for Taylor Marof is that her performance in any other year, would have set a record for her event in the Jr. Women 145 category.  The bad news is that she ran up against a girl from Ancaster who set a new mark this year.  Congrats on a good race, Taylor…and a PB.  And finally, a really good performance by Alex Tessier, who this past week, became a completely different rower, both style-wise and speed-wise.  Alex knocked 1:09 off his 2K PB.  That’s one minute and nine seconds!!!  I call something like this an “Ah HA” moment….the time when everything clicks and the athlete “gets it”.  Awesome performance!!

Let’s get lots more of you out to the next event at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga for the Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships on February 7th so we can show what a force Westdale Rowing will be this year!  Entries are due before the end of exams, so we will be looking for commitments and money from those of you who haven’t done so yet.

As for the rest of this week, Peter, Mike and I are splitting up the duties somewhat.  Training is at 6:30 daily as normal the rest of the week, then we will provide a program for exam week that you can do on your own.  We will reconvene again for training on Monday February 1, leading into that weekend’s second indoor regatta.  Note for those athletes it concerns, the first week back will be a RADAR week.

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