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January 25-29 is exam week, so practices are OPTIONAL.  For those who can join us, we will start at 6:30am Monday (a normal school day), and 7:45AM each exam day.  There will be a mix of weights, longer form ergs and speedwork leading up to CIRC.  A reminder to CONFIRM WITH MIKE if you are racing at CIRC and also your birthdate.

There are three PD days February 1-3.  There will be organized training on those days, but not confirmed yet where it will be or at what time—it will either be at Leander or at the school.  Watch this space.  We will resume normal training at the school 6:30am on Thursday, February 4th.

Those who competed at Leandet or are racing at CIRC on Sunday, February 7th will be off on Monday February 8th.  All those who didn’t do Leander and are not competing at CIRC will be doing 2K tests on Monday, February 8th.