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Here is the list of those racing at CIRC so far.  If your name is not listed below and you plan on racing, you need to contact Mike at coachroache@bell.net  IMMEDIATELY to confirm that you are racing and with your birth date.  Please talk amongst your friends and make sure everybody knows about this.  The entry deadline is Thursday at midnight and the regatta is NOT accepting late entries.

Pamela Wang
India Walker
Elizabeth Li
Kat Ciupka
Kate Stinson
Susan Price
Meaghan Hines
Sabrina Muto
Graham Mercier
Meegan Crossley
Victoria Collins
Allie Henderson
Lucas Austin
Erik Heinbecker
Kenzie Brochu
Madeline Battersby
Lauren Gadsdon
Steph Castellana (needs to e-mail Mike)
POSSIBLY Becca Henderson (needs to e-mail Mike)
POSSIBLY Grace Heinbecker (needs to e-mail Mike)

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