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Below are the entries for CIRC on Sunday, February 7 at the Hershey Centre in Mississauga.  The Hershey Centre is basically at the 403 and 401.  Regatta info can be found at cdnindoorrowing.org.  I will update later in the week with race times.

We have 25 entries for Westdale.  Not as many as Mike or I wanted to see, but not bad.  Congratulations to those who entered and are really learning a lot about race day, race day nerves and how to deal with them.  Those who did not enter either the Leander Indoors or CIRC (in other words, those who last pulled a 2K in December), will be pulling a 2K test on the morning of Monday, Feb. 8 at 6:30.  All those who raced either Leander or CIRC will be off that morning.

It is strongly encouraged that you support your crewmates and teammates for this regatta.  Four of our rowers are facing a race category where they are the ONLY Westdale rower represented.  Graham Mercier is our only representative in the Jr. B Boys Lightweight category (in a field of 73!!!).  Kieran Ray-Daniels is the only Westdale rep in the Jr. B Boys division (18 entries).  Steph Castellana is carrying the Westdale torch in the Coxies division (10 entries), and Susan Price is our lone racer in the Jr A Girls Lightweight race (41 entries).  We would like to see as much support for ALL races as possible….but the above ones are very important, as these four are facing the fire on their own.

Race Times TBA later this week

Jr B Girls Lightweight:  Pam, Liz, Becca, Meegan, Kenzie, Madeline

Jr. B Boys Lightweight:  Graham M

Jr. B Girls:  India, Sabrina, Grace, Meaghan

Jr. B Boys:  Keiran R-D

Coxwain Women:  Steph

Jr. A Girls Lightweight:  Susan

Jr. A Girls:  Lauren, Allie, Kat, Victoria, Kate S, Claire

Jr. A Boys Lightweight:  Lucas, Harrison, Kai R-D

Jr. A Boys:  Erik, Evan




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