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The draw is out!  here are your race times.  Keep in mind, even though you may be in the same category as others, your race time may be different because of the number of entries.  NOTE:  Kate McGall, you will be a late entry Sunday morning racing at either 9:15 or 9:30.  You should be there around 7:45 so we can secure your place.

Please go to http://www.cdnindoorrowing.org for directions and other info!

9:15AM (JR B LWT GIRLS #1):  Becca, Pam, Madeline, Zaiga, Liz

9:30AM (JR. B LWT GIRLS #2):  Kenzie, Meegan

9:45am (JR. B LWT BOYS #1):  Graham M

10:30AM:  (JR. B GIRLS #1):  India, Sabrina, Meaghan,

10:45AM:  (JR. B GIRLS #2):  Grace

11AM:  (JR. B BOYS):  Keiran Ray-Daniels

11:15AM (COXWAINS):  Steph

12 NOON:  (JR A LWT GIRLS):  Susan

12:30PM:  (JR A GIRLS #1):  Claire, Victoria, Kat, Kate S

12:45PM:  (JR A GIRLS):  Lauren, Allie

1PM:  (JR A LWT BOYS):  Harrison, Lucas, Kai

1:15PM:  (JR A BOYS):  Erik, Evan



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